Thane Dispersions supply both single pigment and matched pigment paste dispersions in a range of different plasticisers for the PVC industry. Products supplied to the PVC industry have the prefix PL/PV followed by a number and SP, MP and AF referring to either single pigment, matched paste or additive formulation.

The principal reason for pigment dispersions in this field is so that the no further development of the pigments takes place during the production process so that the colour required at the end of the process can be relied upon to be correct.

The colour required can be matched and supplied by us or can be done by the processor's own colour matching process using single pigment dispersions supplied to the customer. The industries we supply are many and varied and take advantage of either of the options offered.

PVC Coated Products and Plastisol Coatings

Vinyl Wallpaper

PVC Flooring

Polyester Resin Pigment Dispersions

Epoxy Resin Pigment and Additive Dispersions

Other Products
We manufacture a range of single pigment dispersions in maleci resin varnish for use as a general purpose colourant in non-aqueous surface coating systems. We also manufacture ink concentrates for use in conventional oil ink applications.