What we do

Thane Dispersions began trading in 1975 to manufacture and supply paste pigments dispersions principally to the rubber and PVC industry. The original liquid media in which to disperse pigments were mineral oil (for rubber) and plasticisers of various kinds for PVC.

Over the years, the Company has developed an increasingly important market for  plasticiser  paste dispersions in PVC and has also developed an increasingly growing market in thermo-set polyester resins both for cold cure lay-up resins and for hot cured BMC, SMC and pultrusion applications using pigments dispersed in styrene free polyester resins.

We use both triple roll mills and bead mills to effect pigment and additive dispersions which also lend themselves to epoxy resin pigments dispersions in both AF and reactive diluents containing epoxy resins for both casting and thin film applications.